Frequently Asked Questions
Is the music in Radio DJ Pool and iDJPool the same?
Who can join/subscribe to your service?
How long does it take for me to get started so I can start downloading after I join?
Are there any contracts?
Are there late payment fee charges?
How many MP3 Songs can I download?
My download speed is slow
Do I have to rate each song before I download?
Are there refunds?
Can I Preview The MP3 Music Audio Before I Download
Can I Search The MP3 Music Audio To Find A Song
What Is The Quality Of The MP3's Radio DJ Pool Has?
Do you provide the clean music version?
Do you service all or most of the songs that are on the charts page on the website?
How often do you add songs?
Can I transfer, burn and or copy the MP3 onto a CD or DVD?
Do the MP3's expire?
If I cancel my membership to the record pool do I get to keep the MP3 music I downloaded?
Do you have Antivirus protection on the Radio DJ Pool Server?
I have a DJ company with more than one DJ. Does each DJ need to have their own Radio DJ Pool account?
I need a paid receipt for my tax records / tax filing
Will Radio DJ Pool share my contact information?
How do I change or update my billing information?
Can I cancel and rejoin at a later date?
How do I cancel my account?
Can I use a download manager program to download with?
I am experiencing download failures when trying to download songs with a large filename.
When do you delete the weekly folders for new songs?